Sales Policy -  Hotel Vlaho

The subject of this contract covers the way of performance of the travel services sold to the
Customer and the rights and obligations of the parties.
All taxes are included in the total price of the services provided.
This fee is based on the payment method determined by the supplier (accommodation, flight,
transfer or tour company) providing the service.
1. By credit card at the time of booking or
2. To bank accounts specified by EFT/Money Transfer
3. The corresponding accommodation or transportation service can be paid instantly.
The amount of the payment to be made by the contract immediately or later during the
performance of the on-site service will be clearly indicated in the shopping cart with the
statements payable now and payable on site.
The detailed introduction of the travel and tourism service is available on the promotion page of
the service.
The right of transfer in the accommodation services provided is provided according to the rules
determined by the service provider; In this case, the customer must notify the situation at least 7
days in advance.
In the cancellations made up to 60 days before the start of the trip, except for the cases where
the consumer's reservation or his/her first degree relatives' 10-day disability and death are
documented with an official report to be obtained from a full-fledged state hospital, the entire fee
paid to the CONSUMER, excluding the amount of extra services such as transportation and
visa, is refunded.
The CONSUMER agrees and undertakes to pay 25% of the trip cost in case of canceling the
contract 59-31 days before the start of the trip, 50% of the trip cost in case of canceling the
contract 30-15 days before, and paying the entire trip cost to Hotel Vlaho if canceling
the contract up to 14 days before.
In case Hotel Vlaho terminates the contract arbitrarily without justified reasons, the
consumer is entitled to compensation in proportion to the loss incurred. In addition, Hotel
Vlaho returns all payments made by the consumer until that day and all documents that
put the consumer under debt within 10 days.
The consumer does not have the right to indemnify if the termination of the contract is caused
by force majeure, although Hotel Vlaho has shown all due diligence.8-) NOTIFICATION PERIOD:
The consumer is obliged to notify the relevant service provider and Hotel Vlaho within
7 days from the date of performance of the service or the fact that the contract is not performed
at all or as required.
Hotel Vlaho is responsible for not performing the contractual obligations at all or
properly. However, the hotel cannot be held responsible if the contract is not performed at all or
due to the fault of the consumer or third parties or if it is due to force majeure.
Hotel Vlaho may cancel or delay the stay due to reasons beyond its will, such as all
kinds of adverse weather conditions, road obstructions, strikes, terrorism, fog, storms, war,
possibility of war, natural disasters, changes and negative developments in relations between
states, public movements, unpredictable technical issues, bankruptcy, force majeure. In this
case, Hotel Vlaho is not responsible in any way and the consumer cannot claim any
rights or receivables.
11.1 Smelly, flowing, flammable or explosive items or objects that cause discomfort to the
environment, sharps, and firearms and all kinds of animals are not allowed in vehicles and
accommodation facilities without the hotel's separate and express written permission.
11.2 In case of luggage loss or damage caused by the gross negligence of Hotel Vlaho
personnel, 50% of the transportation part of the total cost of the trip, regardless of the material
and moral value and other qualities and features of the lost or damaged luggage; shall be paid
to the owner of the lost property. Hotel Vlaho is responsible for all kinds of loss,
damage and theft of the goods, which have been declared by the consumer in writing, together
with their value, up to the cost of the trip.
12.1 If the consumer leaves the hotel on the grounds that the service is defective, he must notify
the Hotel Vlaho officer in writing that he has left the hotel, together with the reasons.
Otherwise, the consumer is deemed to have left the hotel and is deemed to have received and
used the service.
12.2 It is the bona fide consumer's duty of care to notify the consumer about the issues he/she
complains about in writing during the performance of the service. The consumer's use of the
service to the end, despite the complaint, eliminates the right to compensation such as
replacement service and refund for the issues he complains about.
12.3 The consumer(s) who do not sign the contract but participate in the tour subject to the
contract, and the consumer(s) they have assigned to register on their behalf, are deemed to
have read and accepted this contract and committed. Despite this, the consumer (s) has the
right of recourse for the excess amount paid to the consumer(s) who signed the contract, in
case of lawsuits and proceedings against the hotel on the grounds that they do not have their signatures in the contract, and if the hotel has to pay the consumer a price or compensation
other than the ones written in this contract. Even if the consumers have not signed, they have
learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, because of the
catalogs and advertisements, and they have committed to participate in the terms of this
contract at the hotel.
The customer declares that he has read and learned all the preliminary information regarding
the qualifications, sales price and payment method, validity date of the prices and performance
of the service mentioned in this contract, and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic
This agreement will enter into force with the approval of the Customer and it is accepted by the
parties that the effective date will be the date of approval. The customer will not be able to step
up in the web system without reading and approving this agreement, and he has to read this
agreement. This contract terminates in the event that the service is received and consumed by
the Customer or is subject to cancellation in any way.
Antalya Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes arising from this
All hotel accommodation items, which are mentioned above and consist of fourteen items,
have been negotiated between the parties and arranged with their own free will.